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Understanding Patriarchy August 21, 2016


“Patriarchy as a system has denied males access to full emotional well-being, which is not the same as feeling rewarded, successful, or powerful because of one’s capacity to assert control over others. To truly address male pain and male crisis we must as a nation be willing to expose the harsh reality that patriarchy has damaged men in the past and continues to damage them in the present. If patriarchy were truly rewarding to men, the violence and addiction in family life that is so all-pervasive would not exist.”


Has World War Three begun already? July 18, 2016


I just read this article by John Pilger, a trifle depressing but he’s made some strong points.

Something has not been right in the world for a while now, something I struggle to put my finger on. John Pilger touches on a few reason’s why this may be.

Have a read and let me know what you think?

This is an edited version of an address by John Pilger at the University of Sydney, entitled “A World War Has Begun.”



We’re all being played for fools in a dangerous game of world monopoly. Is Trump just the magician’s tool to distract us while they pull the swifty?

Hilary has always been suss due to her links with Monsanto and other corporate mega-lords.

It’s disappointing to read about Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow treasurer committing to most austerity.

It’s disappointing that Bernie Sanders has promised to support Hilary Clinton.

I guess that’s politics eh?

Disappointing just doesn’t cut it as a descriptive ……

In Britain last week, Jeremy Corbyn’s closest ally, his shadow treasurer John McDonnell, committed a Labour government to pay off the debts of piratical banks and, in effect, to continue so-called austerity.

In the US, Bernie Sanders has promised to support Clinton if or when she’s nominated. He, too, has voted for America’s use of violence against countries when he thinks it’s “right”. He says Obama has done “a great job”.

In Australia, there is a kind of mortuary politics, in which tedious parliamentary games are played out in the media while refugees and Indigenous people are persecuted and inequality grows, along with the danger of war. The government of Malcolm Turnbull has just announced a so-called defence budget of $195 billion that is a drive to war. There was no debate. Silence.

What has happened to the great tradition of popular direct action, unfettered to parties? Where is the courage, imagination and commitment required to begin the long journey to a better, just and peaceful world? Where are the dissidents in art, film, the theatre, literature?

Where are those who will shatter the silence? Or do we wait until the first nuclear missile is fired?”



Is the Abbott Government planning to privatise Centrelink? March 21, 2015


Is the Abbott Government planning to privatise Centrelink?.


From Chiapas to Rojava: Seas Divide Us, Autonomy Binds Us February 18, 2015

A way forward for us all – From Chiapas to Rojava: Seas Divide Us, Autonomy Binds Us.


Britain’s ‘Privatisation of Protest’ Sets Dangerous Precedent February 12, 2015

Britain’s ‘Privatisation of Protest’ Sets Dangerous Precedent.

Are we free?

This is why I will not be organising any more protest marches.

They’ve made it too hard.

I believe we should be free to march in a peaceful protest.

Council believes we need to present risk assessments and forms and fees and get public liability insurance.

The police want a notification form, which names you as the organiser and therefore responsible for possibly thousands of people. They also have your address and phone number and harass you.

Did people like Gandhi or the Arab Spring organisers have to pay fees and fill in risk assessments? I doubt it.

The system owns and dictates to us now, we have to pay pay pay.


Vale Gough Whitlam October 23, 2014

Rest in Peace Gough
We were ripped off
But you were the essence of dignity
To the very end
Who are the C.I.A. to say?
Who goes and who will stay?
We are still being ripped off
To this day
When will karma right the scale?
When will we be not be for sale?