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Understanding Patriarchy August 21, 2016


“Patriarchy as a system has denied males access to full emotional well-being, which is not the same as feeling rewarded, successful, or powerful because of one’s capacity to assert control over others. To truly address male pain and male crisis we must as a nation be willing to expose the harsh reality that patriarchy has damaged men in the past and continues to damage them in the present. If patriarchy were truly rewarding to men, the violence and addiction in family life that is so all-pervasive would not exist.”


Mandy Nolan’s Soap Box September 26, 2013

A wryly sarcastic, humorous and politically apt observation of our current state of affairs in Australia.
Pure gold and well done Mandy, I admire you greatly.


Amanda Platell: Some men adore humiliating successful women July 12, 2013

Amanda Platell: Some men adore humiliating successful women


And I’m thinking it goes to the very heart of a certain type of man’s or (women’s) insecurities.

So not just ‘successful ie famous’ women but any woman perceived to be successful ie together, he has to bring her down eventually as she’s a threat to his male ego.

I’m sure for every jealous – undermining – abusive man there’s a jealous – undermining – abusive woman out there but I’m picking a man might be less likely to hang around and put up with this kind of treatment. 

To me it seems as though women are socialised to accept a certain amount of abuse in relationships. A kind of ritualised submission has been going on in the deep psyche of man over woman to dominate and keep her dependent on him. She has needed to be ‘nice’ as a survival tactic.

This is why the single woman on a sole parent’s benefit is so vulnerable and picked on in our society.

Once upon a time we had no welfare and a woman was beholden and extremely dependent on a man for the roof over her head and food in her’s and her children’s stomach’s and to leave an abusive relationship was extremely difficult under these circumstances.

I’m seeing it on a larger scale it kind of relates to our society at large – subjugate by fear.

Hmm so much more to say about this, perhaps in another post.

I’d encourage comments and discussion here!

Thanks 🙂


We Stand with Deep Green Resistance June 4, 2013

Powerful and extremely insightful piece, I will be be following with great interest.

I particularly liked what was said concerning the word ‘femininity’.

“What of femininity? Femininity is a set of behaviors that are in essence ritualized submission. Female socialization is a process of psychologically constraining and breaking girls—otherwise known as “grooming”—to create a class of compliant victims. Across history this breaking has including so-called “beauty practices” like FGM (female genital mutilation) and footbinding as well as ubiquitous child sexual abuse. Femininity is really just the traumatized psyche displaying acquiescence.”

It’s long been my opinion that ‘femininity’ and indeed ‘machismo’ were a perversion of true self. A kind of knee jerk reaction within a person’s psyche to our cultural socialization.

So much more to say but it’s so very big and powerful, I will let you read and decide for yourselves.