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A Sign From The Universe? October 13, 2016

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Yesterday was my second fall in a month and I’m looking for answers. This seems pretty close

Wandering Bodhi

It’s been said that everything on the physical plane is a manifestation of something on the metaphysical level. I believe that nothing is a ‘coincidence’ and that physical issues lead me to inquire more about myself and my surroundings on a deeper level.

Two days ago I was leaving my apartment when I suddenly fell heavily down my concrete staircase. I hit my coccyx head on and it sent shooting pain right up my spine and down my legs. I think my coccyx is just bruised, not fractured, but it’s incredibly sore!

Louise Hay (renowned leader in the self-help movement & author of Heal Your Body) relates lower back pain to fear of money and lack of financial support. Yes, that sounds about right.

A year ago I injured my lower back whilst snowboarding so I’ve been dealing with lower back issues on and off since then. In my case, my back pain tends to show up…

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3 Responses to “A Sign From The Universe?”

  1. tubularsock Says:

    Tubularsock has found for himself that every illness and every accident has a very clear and direct emotional component. Deep self inquiry always is extremely necessary because it always leads Tubularsock out of the woods.

    And there is always …. be careful with gravity, it always gets you down!

    • Haha I’m glad it’s not just me Tubes. I think I think too much sometimes but yeah I kind of think there’s a message in accidents, incidents and illnesses. Also it doesn’t hurt to do a little insightful reflection every once and a while to keep things real. Gravity and me have got a thing going on lately, 55 years of not falling and twice in one month is a bit weird. (discounting all those times as a child that I fell down but in those days it didn’t seem like a big deal)
      How’s Jeff Nyguen (probably spelt that wrong) I haven’t gotten any notifications from him for a long time. Did he give up his blog?

  2. Oh apart from that one time I fell down and cracked my skull at the river hehehe….that kind of was a big deal

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