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Kung Fu Bikie Nuns September 23, 2016

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I love what these nuns are doing, there are challenging stereotypes concerning women and getting out there and physically doing something!

In countries where the status of women is low, this is what happens. Women and children get trafficked because there is no system of social security like we have. This is where the billions should be going rather than bombs and wars!

This article reminded me of why we have a system of Social Security. What ever happened to this knowledge and history, the reasons and the why’s and where fors?

Is this where we will end up when everything has been sold/privatised and there is no Centrelink?

We better have a good think about where we are heading and question the not so hidden agendas of the media and how they are portraying women and anyone who may be on a pension or benefit.

The victors write our history, are we going to let them win?

This dear friends is why we have Social Security not ‘welfare’ (I hate that word with a vengeance). The language surrounding this issue is weighted depending on your bias.

Welfare smacks of charity, something doled out to the filthy subclass.

It really is a feminist/humanist issue isn’t it?

The demonising of anyone who needs a little help to get by is counter-productive.

If there is a safety net, people need not sell their daughters to ensure survival.

Just like Malsow’s Theory, people need a roof, enough food, love and support to enable self same ‘people’ to take care of themselves and their kin. How can you ever be able to find work if you don’t have clothes or a safe haven?

Social security  is a social investment to provide for our vulnerable and it’s not just women.

Every day I see our rights and entitlements being chipped away by these corporate goons who call themselves Members of Parliament. It’s like a run away train, we seem unable to halt.

Anyway I’m going to hit post because I’m tired from doing an early shift. Please forgive any errors, I just felt the urge to share this here with you. Probably a rambling mess, I may delete if I read later and it’s aill thought out




3 Responses to “Kung Fu Bikie Nuns”

  1. The word ‘welfare’ was banned in The Netherlands and replaced with entitlements and social security. I hate it when they call old people pensioners when getting a government pension, yet the old rich are called ‘self-funded retirees.’

    • Thanks Gerard, I really like a lot of what they do in the Netherlands. I might run away and go live there instead. Just reflecting on something here, why is it called “The Netherlands”? It just occurred to me as I was writing – what a funny word. It evokes a couple of funny images in my perhaps warped brain.

  2. I think you’re right on, PV. Increasingly, women and children are the face of global poverty.

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