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Understanding Patriarchy August 21, 2016


“Patriarchy as a system has denied males access to full emotional well-being, which is not the same as feeling rewarded, successful, or powerful because of one’s capacity to assert control over others. To truly address male pain and male crisis we must as a nation be willing to expose the harsh reality that patriarchy has damaged men in the past and continues to damage them in the present. If patriarchy were truly rewarding to men, the violence and addiction in family life that is so all-pervasive would not exist.”


3 Responses to “Understanding Patriarchy”

  1. Men are indeed damaged by patriarchy. With each generation they become more socially and emotionally impaired.

    • Poli-V Says:

      Indeed my friend! Though I tend to feel my son and some of his contemporaries are a little unafraid to express their inner feminine at least and still consider themselves manly, which gives me some hope 🙂

  2. tubularsock Says:

    Well Tubularsock has noticed that many more women have taken on some of the worst tendencies of masculine behavior in recent years. Which is rather disappointing to say the least. Rather than being the light they have taken on the darkness so as to compete with the patriarchy power dynamics.

    And interestingly enough many more men are working with “feelings” than ever before. Well, at least in the SF Bay Area. An enlightened bubble perhaps.

    There is no question that the patriarchy hasn’t been healthy for men or women.

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