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“Femernism” March 10, 2016

Hello my long time wordypress friends (and fiends hehe)…..are you still out there? How are you all going?

Forgive me, it’s been a while eh?

A fellow activist, teacher and general great font of knowledge and friendship just shared this on Facebook (yes I have Facebook, do you?) and it says EVERYTHING just perfectly! Geez why bother writing anything myself when someone else can sum it up all so perfectly! Ah well one day I’ll get my writing finger on.

“Because remember that patriarchy’s bumming you as hard as it’s bumming us. We’re bulimic, objectified and under-promoted. You, meanwhile, are unable to talk about your feelings lest you get punched in the nuts by “a lad” telling you not to be “a bender”. You are unlikely to get custody of your kids, and are three times more likely to commit suicide. Feminism’s about sorting all this stuff out. Because it’s about equality. Not burning the penises. I can’t emphasise enough how much it’s not about burning penises. No burnt penises here.”

Check this out, you’ll be glad you did 🙂



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