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Sourdough Crackers 2.0 January 13, 2016

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Reblogging so I can have a go at making these, they sound like just the ticket and I do love sourdough and I do love crackers, win win!

The Zero-Waste Chef

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I have been keeping my sourdough starter out on the kitchen counter and feeding it daily, rather than storing it in the fridge and feeding it only weekly. Here’s why:

bread 11.15.15 My best sourdough loaf ever

I wish I had taken a crumb shot of this. It’s the best loaf I’ve baked thus far. It tasted fairly sweet, which you’d expect when using a starter stored at room temperature. But when you leave starter at room temperature,  you need to feed it every day. That means you accumulate tons of discarded starter. If you don’t find something to do with all of that starter, you’ll drown in the stuff. So I use it to make crackers. Lots of crackers. Good thing they’re addictive…and good for sharing…

The way to a man's heart... The way to a man’s heart…

You can read about tending a sourdough starter here and here.

feeding starter Feeding my starter. I…

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