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Why Iceland’s Revolution Failed January 7, 2016

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We are all being held against our will by malevolent governments who seek to farm us like cattle they own…we do really need to be better organised and ready don’t we?

The Most Revolutionary Act

reykjavik rising

Reykjavik Rising

Directed Danny Mitchell (2015)

Film Review

Reykjavik Rising casts the cold light of reality on Iceland’s 2009 so-called “revolution.” Although the “pots and pans” revolution made a few meaningful reforms, in Iceland, as everywhere else, people are no closer to genuine democracy than they were before the 2008 economic meltdown.

This documentary profiles the three months of daily protests and direct action that brought down Iceland’s right wing government in early 2009. The new left wing government elected in April 2009 brought charges against the key bankers responsible for the country’s financial collapse. Although most were found guilty, none served sentences.

The People Write a New Constitution – Which Parliament Ignores

The new government also called a national assembly to rewrite the constitution, a key demand of the protests. The assembly was made up of 1,000 individuals drawn randomly from the National Register. It was their role to…

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