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Shocking! Adults Now Fall Under No Jab, No Pay Vaccine Law December 12, 2015

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Everyone should have the choice

Real News Australia

In a shocking turn of events the Australian Government amends laws to now include young adults!

By General Maddox.

Legislators have just done what many in the alternative media have been predicting would happen for some time. That’s right, children and now adult vaccinations in order to receive family tax benefits and payments.

The new No Jab, No Pay laws (Social Services Legislation Amendment) have passed and will commence as of January 2016. This law was originally promoted and put in place to cease financial benefits to parents of children up to and including age 7 of whom weren’t complying with the immunization schedule set out by the Australian Government. Even the mainstream media pundits were reporting this fact. TV shows, news, newspaper, radio… all bases were covered.

Now however, there appears to be zero coverage in the media of the fact that the Government has snuck…

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4 Responses to “Shocking! Adults Now Fall Under No Jab, No Pay Vaccine Law”

  1. It looks more and more like Australia is becoming America’s 51st state.

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