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Glyphosphate in tampons and sanitary pads! October 26, 2015

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I’m still searching for Australian evidence of this but check this out;



4 Responses to “Glyphosphate in tampons and sanitary pads!”

  1. tubularsock Says:

    It is always about $$$$$ not people. Thanks for this info. Is Tubularsock angry yet? Pretty much all the time!

    • $$$ need to go! It’s inconsistent with life! It’s OK to be angry at things that matter, otherwise nothing would get done but it’s also good to remember all the things we’re grateful for too.

  2. How horrifying. Roundup needs to be totally banned ASAP. The poisons it contains are killing off our intestinal bacteria, putting all of us at high risk for immune problems, cancer, neurological disease, diabetes and a host of other problems related to intestinal dysbiosis.

    • Truly horrifying and yes i believe it’s getting harder all the time to avoid poisoning one’s self. At least the information is getting out there now and Monsanto stocks are going down. Heck even Macdonalds is going broke I hear 🙂 People are finally getting the message,

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