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Checking visas on the streets of Melbourne August 28, 2015

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What the hell have we come to?

Comforting to know it was averted by people power but geez, the fact that this was an actual scheduled real life event that was going to happen on the streets of Melbourne blows my mind.

We joke about our fascist government but this is is beginning to get seriously scary, if there are a bunch of people in uniforms out there that thinks this is ok?

What else have they got planned?



8 Responses to “Checking visas on the streets of Melbourne”

  1. auntyuta Says:

    Very, very scary indeed. Where is this going to lead to? Can it be stopped?

  2. This is the way to the dreaded mid-night knock on the door. The muffled screams and boots kicking into innocents people being dragged away.

  3. tubularsock Says:

    WTF …… you guys are getting scarier than Americans and we are really fucked up!

    The difference is the cops backed down with the protest …….. in the U.S. they would have called out the fucking army!

    Good for you guys. Keep that up.

    • Yeah, the dickheads have less than a year till election time, we’ll find out then if we still have a democracy or not. One thing about this terrible government, it has a funny way of getting people engaged and on the streets. Go Melbourne people!

  4. It’s good to see people out in the streets opposing this policy. It can only continue if people put up with it.

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