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Angry misogynist murders women at showing of film by feminist comedian; police worry “we may not find a motive.” July 25, 2015

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“Rusty” Houser: Why isn’t he being seen as a terrorist?

Police in Lafayette, Louisiana are evidently struggling to understand why the outspokenly misogynistic, racist and anti-Semitic John Russell “Rusty” Houser murdered two women and wounded 9 other moviegoers at a showing of “Trainwreck,” a film written by and starring Amy Schumer, a feminist comedian with a Jewish father, known for joking frankly about sex.

Col. Michael D. Edmonson, superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, wondered aloud about Houser’s motives at a press conference: 

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3 Responses to “Angry misogynist murders women at showing of film by feminist comedian; police worry “we may not find a motive.””

  1. tubularsock Says:

    Well PoliV, It sure is a mystery. Tubularsock thought and thought and looked at all the facts and we may just have to start with wild guesses to find the answer. Because it was a movie theater Tubularsock figures it must have been a “pop corn reaction” of some sort. And that reasons well in Louisiana.

    Tubularsock knows people will jump to conclusions other than the “pop corn reaction” but really what else could it be? Rusty was “a white good ol’ boy” with a stellar background by Louisiana standards and the superintendent of police could be convinced, Tubularsock feels, that a motive like pop corn makes perfect “cents”!

    Well … motives are difficult to really understand with such limited information.

  2. Excellent post. This was clearly a politically motivated terrorist crime. According to the powers that be, we live in a post-feminist society, just as we live in a post-racial society. Because capitalism has magically solved all the problems of women and minorities, crimes against women and minorities can’t be politically motivated terrorism – at least according to the propaganda the corporate media force feeds us.

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