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Sex: Let’s talk April 18, 2015

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Make love not porn!

I just happened upon this vimeo movie and I thought I’d share it with you.

Like a lot of things we DO need to talk about sex, why don’t we?

Why are we SO squeamish?
Why are there so many double standards.
Breastfeeding in public or talk of vaginas or periods is taboo is some quarters but an eight year old can access porn on a computer. Womens breasts and bottoms are used to sell products (still).

We are conditioned by what we see and read to an extent.

Porn makes me feel uncomfortable when I see women treated as things and in a degrading manner, like so much of it is.

I like where they compare movies like Fast and Furious and the reality of how we actually drive to porn.

I have been known to wonder how young people starting out in their sexual years think about porn? Do they realise it’s not really like that? I hope so.

The advent and readily availability of porn has in my opinion driven the status of women down.

What are your thoughts on porn and sex?

As a menopausal woman in my 50’s I can see through the lens of personal experience that we humans are largely driven by our baby making/mating hormones.

Oh if only I’d known the things I know now 🙂


The talk. The excruciatingly awkward conversation when parents explain to their kids, um, how sex works. But … why is there just one talk? Sex ed teacher Al Vernacchio (TED Talk: Sex needs a new metaphor. Here’s one … ) and entrepreneur Cindy Gallop (TED Talk: Make love, not porn) believe that good sex should be an open, honest and ongoing conversation. In this exclusive TED video, they meet at Cindy’s house to talk about how to talk about sex — and the dangers of letting porn and movie sex do the talking for us. Because as Vernacchio says: “Talking about sex is no different than talking about anything else — no matter how much you want it to be.”

Below, some other quotable moments from their conversation:


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