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Britain’s ‘Privatisation of Protest’ Sets Dangerous Precedent February 12, 2015

Britain’s ‘Privatisation of Protest’ Sets Dangerous Precedent.

Are we free?

This is why I will not be organising any more protest marches.

They’ve made it too hard.

I believe we should be free to march in a peaceful protest.

Council believes we need to present risk assessments and forms and fees and get public liability insurance.

The police want a notification form, which names you as the organiser and therefore responsible for possibly thousands of people. They also have your address and phone number and harass you.

Did people like Gandhi or the Arab Spring organisers have to pay fees and fill in risk assessments? I doubt it.

The system owns and dictates to us now, we have to pay pay pay.


2 Responses to “Britain’s ‘Privatisation of Protest’ Sets Dangerous Precedent”

  1. If enough people dismissed all the red tape and proteted regardless, the police would be overpowered by the numbers. Just go for it.

  2. I agree. Sometimes it’s better to break the law and do jail team then to go along with increasing fascist oppression.

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