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Why Men Are So Obsessed with Sex January 2, 2015

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Why Men Are So Obsessed with Sex.

This is very interesting and not what you think it might be about.
I think it has some answers for the way forward.

Have a read!


10 Responses to “Why Men Are So Obsessed with Sex”

  1. Yes, there is a lot there. I’ll have to take some time to read it all. In the meantime I’ll try not to think about sex and instead focus on the moment we all have, and that is ‘now’.

  2. tubularsock Says:

    Great article PV, thanks.

  3. With age there comes less of a need to worry about having to have sex, a blessing really. I mean, sometimes you come accross close up shaved and plucked porno with genitalia resembling chicken wings. You think; is this what has driven me? Is this what it has all been about? Sad, isn’t it?. I think it is so far removed from erotica, yet that seems to be the main aim of some people to peer at.
    With age come also, finally but none too late, a relief and one seems to notice people more above the navel. A new revelation of knowing hearts and minds of people instead of the absurd concentration on sex with complicated genitalia (or chicken wings). It mucks so may things up.

    • Did you get time to read it Gerard?
      Holy pornified plucked chicken wings Batman. 🙂
      I’m with you on the age related non sexual business.
      Cronehood is a blessing.
      Porn is a capitalist aberration to spellbind fools and harvest dollars, plain and simple.
      I really liked what the article had to say about males being socialised in such a way that it has robbed them of close touching feeling bonds in order to be the tough guy.
      Sex is the only way it is permissible under those circumstances.
      Herein lies the essence of what is wrong in the world now.
      Is it too late to change?
      Have we prepared and reared our offspring sufficiently?
      Lately my thoughts swing to ‘gender’ as the root cause of the issue.
      If we stopped naming gender – there would be no need for separation or definition or standard of how we are supposed to be or relate to each other as humans.
      This morning I read something about racism that follows a similar line of thinking. By naming/labelling we are separating.
      The longer I live I come to realise the true nature of hormones and how powerful they are.
      A LOT of human behaviour is driven by hormones.
      We are and have been slaves to the hormone.
      Sneaky little bastards.
      Hormones and socialisation – that’s it, I’ve solved the puzzle haha.
      Maybe we look at it from different angles?
      String theory says it’s all about perspective – where you’re observing from?
      Men and their sex drive has always been a bit of a conundrum to me.
      This article explains a lot and validates my own conclusions regarding it.
      Blokes just need to be ok with cuddling.
      I’m so happy to see young fellas these days that are close to their mates of both sexes in a non sexual way.
      Hearts and minds is where it’s all at.

      • tubularsock Says:

        Yep, hormones are powerful. That is why the military recruits 18 year olds. Most weaponry is shaped like a penis and the military terms like preterition, and pulling-out are not lost on the military mind.

      • Interesting take on weaponry Tube! Slightly synchronistic, as I was only wondering myself about the penis like shape of bombs as I was watching a documentary showing bombs tumbling out of a plane. Certainly f$%ks up anything below. But I did think they could be spherical or box shaped, why are they so phallic?

  4. I remember feminist Letty Pogrebin writing more than 30 years ago about studies revealing that mothers began to push their male children away (from physical affection) around age two – for exactly the reasons stated in the article – to keep them from turning into sissies. At the time Pogrebin strongly advised mothers not to do this with their sons. And feminists who followed her writing took heed.

    Interesting that this has taken more than three decades to percolate down to men.

  5. Letty was onto something! I will look her up. Thanks Stuartbramhall

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