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This Ain’t No Party December 8, 2014

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I agree totally!

Take Heart!

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A global coup d’etat has taken place such that governments no longer govern the world, or even their little bits of it. The nation state — yes, even America and China — has been usurped as the preeminent unit of power. Save for extreme outliars like North Korea, all governments now share power in a shaky but so far relatively steady balance with the largest of the multinational corporations. No one has asked us, the public, whether we approve of this arrangement; it happened while we were busy shopping.
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Shopping, yes. Letting ourselves be mesmerized and Anesthetized by useless stuff, so we won’t notice or object to being considered mere commodities, units of production, consumption and domination, renewable resources at best to those in power.

“…advanced-stage, 21st Century neoliberalism…”

There’s a charming term, to be sure. Sounds highly malignant and dangerous — as it is…

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