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Vale Gough Whitlam October 23, 2014

Rest in Peace Gough
We were ripped off
But you were the essence of dignity
To the very end
Who are the C.I.A. to say?
Who goes and who will stay?
We are still being ripped off
To this day
When will karma right the scale?
When will we be not be for sale?



7 Responses to “Vale Gough Whitlam”

  1. Great poem and such a great man. He is sadly missed. Thank you PV.

    • Thank you Gerard. He IS very sadly missed.
      It’s strangely validating how all the mud Murdoch flung at him did not stick and yet here we are with a government like this.
      It’s like there are two Australia’s, one true and knowing and one false but kowtowing to the foreign agencies that seem to hold our purse strings.
      The dismissal was such a shameful chapter in our history.
      I can’t imagine how he and his family coped with that but they all held their heads high and got on with their lives. Gough maintained his dignity because he knew the truth.
      We’ve all lead a charmed existence here in Australia for many years because of everything he put in place.
      Imagine how great a country we’d be now, if he’d not been undermined?
      A lot of people just take everything for granted and don’t fully comprehend what he tried to do and what he achieved for us, even though he was taken out.

  2. tubularsock Says:

    PV …… this is amazing information. Tubularsock recalls bits and pieces of all this but this filled in the blanks. Thanks PV great post.

  3. Reblogged this on Talesfromthelou and commented:
    In honor of Vale Gough Whitlam, the Australian prime minister the CIA and Naval intelligence removed from office in a 1972 bloodless coup.

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