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Alternatives September 20, 2014

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Dear Readers,
It’s not enough to be aware and angry about the state of the world as it stands.
What’s the point?
We need to be coming up with some plans for the future – our future.
If we stop giving air to negativity and fear, what will happen?
If we focus on love and being kind to each other and our environment, what will happen?

The trickle down effect clearly ain’t working chaps!

Can we secede and build our own reality from within?
Scientists tell us that it’s all to do with perspective – the observer.

If we are being constantly being bombarded with fearful hate driven images and messages, this becomes our reality ‘if’ we buy into it.

I have no answers truly but I think we can all start to do a little bit of research into living ‘alternate’ lifestyles in the quest to leave this horrid matrix being foisted upon us by elitists with agenda.

Lets see if we can over-rule that with sheer numbers.
Dis-engage from the machine.

Bit by bit wean ourselves off the tit of consumerism.

This is not a Hollywood movie…

Here’s a link I just found this morning that inspired today’s musings, I haven’t read all of it but what I have read looks good so far;


9 Responses to “Alternatives”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    I agree with you that anger must eventually give way to constructive actions. Sustainable living should be the primary consideration in all of our lifestyle choices and governmental policies. On a local level, this can present itself in many creative and innovative ways. It will take sacrifice and a willing to rethink our consumer cultures but the long term benefits will be beyond worth it. Great insights, PV. Sometimes, finding the right answers starts with asking the right questions.

  2. tubularsock Says:

    Tubularsock agrees with Jeff as well as you PV. But there is an important step that has to be implemented as Tubularsock sees it. And that is that science has only a limited view.

    We are the observer but we are also the creator as well.

    We live in an agreed upon illusion. Yet we each live within our own “world” as well within this agreed upon illusion. That is what that dialog is about that is constant within your head.

    Now don’t get too carried away because that bus rolling through the intersection can still take you out but even that may not be “real”.

    The task at hand can only shift if each person “cleans-up-their-delusion” from inside out.
    Your everyday actions toward the world you live in and each person you encounter has to be reexamined because on top of everything ……. “life” is a projection and you are the observer and your reactions create the “next-play” in this game of life.

    Life is local first ……….. what makes it tough is it has all these moving parts!

    So as you have said, “Dis-engage from the machine”. It really isn’t that difficult once you wake up to the fact that each of us is the decision maker.

    Oh, be-careful of that bus!

  3. Interesting. Based on personal experience, I believe we are most likely to be effective by organizing on the local level. I have just started a master class called Awakening Communities about organizing more effectively on the local level. For now we are talking about breaking down the competitive/individualist ideology we are bombarded with by “changing the conversation” we have with each other. I find it all really exciting and inspiring.

  4. Debra Says:

    I do believe that change has to come from within, move outwards to the local community and then hopefully build up from there. Municipalities mostly seem to get it right: sponsoring farners’ markets, moving to renewable energy sources, running recycling projects, etc. The problem right now is how to get some kind of buy-in from states/provinces and the feds — all of which seem to be in the pocket of the 1% right now.

    • tubularsock Says:

      Tubularsock agrees Debra but the only way that that will happen is if local communities can threaten the profits of the 1% directly. This can be done but because the 1% investments are spread internationally makes it difficult but NOT impossible. But it does mean that the local “movement” has to cooperate with similar groups throughout the world.

      This is made easier today with social media but it takes concentrated effort.

      To expect to vote new people into positions of power is silly. They are bought and packaged before they even run. It has to be done outside the current political system and it has to be done worldwide.

  5. Yes, this all fits in with that revelation I had about creating a new matrix – within this matrix. If we bit by bit distance ourselves from the 1% by providing our own local grown/sourced food and products, eventually like white-ants we’ll have some kind of effect or at the very least secede from this fear based society. We may not topple it but it’s a way of living that resonates and is on the rise. The more people see other people creating these sorts of existences the better it will be. I don’t think I’m kidding myself that it’s on the rise, it’s quite noticeable. What better revenge – a healthier bunch of people, who eat better nutritionally – who therefore function better. If we can foster a conscious loving detachment, it may just be the antidote to the fear driven politics of our time. Fear creates cortisol in our brains, cortisol also interferes with the T3 T4 conversion process in the liver, so fear and stress have a role to play in the modern of epidemic of hypothyroidism too. Another reason for us to chill and love

  6. Inspiring words from my friend Tom;

    • hmm ok here…..Balance

      How do we reconcile the belief in love and all that is good in humanity with the current state of the world? By putting our energy into the belief that all is well, are we being delusional? By refusing to dwell on the bad so as not to feed it energy, are we being irresponsible?

      We all have the ability to influence our personal realities. Within our own energetic field, our thoughts and actions have great power for transformation, and the effects of this are sometimes touched on through ideas such as karma, manifestation, the power of positive thought, like attracts like, and a host of other notions. Within ourselves, we are ultimately the only power for change, and we may make ourselves ill, or heal ourselves solely with the conscious and unconscious thoughts we have. We may attract good things or bad things, depending on what we put out energetically.

      But what about wider reality? Can our thoughts and deeds affect the consensual reality? I would say yes, they do, but the effect is infinitely more subtle. We are also competing against the personal realities of everyone else. Imagine wider reality as a mess of competing personal realities. The nature of this chaos will be to take the path of least resistance, so if the majority of people have selfish and negative thoughts, and are controlled by fear, then that is the experience that we will have within consensual reality unless we actively work on our own energetic signature – unless we cultivate our own thoughts, and not be swayed by those of others. We are here to live one dream only – our own dream.

      So, is it futile to believe in love in the face of a fear-based consensual reality? I don’t believe so, for two reasons. Love is infinitely more powerful than fear, and love is contagious. The desire to love, and to be loved is the only one thing we truly all have in common. Love holds a greater power to attract than fear does because love is what we all want in our heart of hearts. So since every one of us puts our energy into the melting pot of wider reality, the more of us who give the energy of love, the more powerful the force for change. All of our subtle effects of transformation combine, and as that energy rises, the thoughts and desires of others are attracted by the bright, shiny idea that is love. This is how we change the world.

      But what about the twisted things in the world? Certainly feeding them energy only gives them more power, and in many ways, those who benefit from the current consensual reality are like vampires feeding off the fear they manufacture. Dwelling too much on the ills of the world is not good, and neither is giving into fear and hopelessness, so wherein lies the balance? For me, the balance lies in intent. For us to free ourselves from the grip of fear, it seems fairly logical that we must first realise that we fear, and realise why we fear. This is where looking honestly at the state of the world comes in. Fear is a powerful force to overcome, but in most cases a realisation of the way we have been/are being manipulated will only occur when information coincides with a respite from fear. It’s the old “you can lead a horse to water” thing. People will break free of their programming and see the truth only when they are ready for it. To this end, information about the world’s lies and manipulations can be useful if it is provided in a way that doesn’t have its own fear hooks and snares. That indeed, is the tricky part.

      So we may happily exist in two realities at the same time. We may be aware of the truth and power inherent in love, and manifest a love based reality by the belief that the world is actually this way. At the same time, we can be aware of the many ills of the “other” reality, and do things to address them from a place of love, not fear.


      Artwork by Christy Lavers @ http://mysticalchemyarts.com/

  7. Everything I read today seem to be interrelated, this post by Jeff Brown is valid also;

    “In a mad dash to react away from the perils of anger, we went too far and lost a key piece of the emotional integrity and expression cycle. This is particularly true in the spiritual community, where peacefulness has been characterized as a symbol of awakening, even if it is inauthentic and a bypass of the unresolved anger still brewing below the surface (‘The calmness bypass’). It’s important to remember that anger is a legitimate emotion that signals that a person has been violated. It is also a necessary emotion if we are going to do the work of sacred activism and challenge existing paradigms that cause suffering. Calm alone will not make the world a better place at this stage. By discouraging and shaming anger, we actually disrupt natural emotional rhythms and encourage inauthentic ways of being. In addition, repressing the emotions simply keeps the anger alive. The negativity goes underground, manifesting in a myriad of destructive forms, including passive aggressiveness, self-destructive behavior and all manner of disease. It is one thing to discourage the inappropriate expression of anger, but let us not throw the whole process out with the bath water. There is a place for healthy anger in an evolving world.”

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