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March Australia Coffs Harbour September 1, 2014

Yesterday we held another March Australia Rally down at the Foreshores in Coffs Harbour.

The research I do for this blog has led me to getting involved with March in March as it was called back then.

I messaged ‘March in March to ask if there was going to be a march in Coffs Harbour and ended up starting the Facebook page for Coffs Harbour, asking for and finding an organising  committee. Be careful what you ask sometimes!

Luckily I ended up with a great committee!

This is a person who has avoided committees like the plague most of her life, so it’s kind of funny really.

Something that strikes me as odd, as although the first committee had men on board who were very helpful at first, have all fallen away now and we are a completely female crew.

I’m talking about people who actually attend meetings.

On the big day a couple of  men lurkers (I created a secret underground page to keep members informed) did come and physically help, bless ’em. Two muso’s and a fellow armchair activist and page commenter. Thanks guys!


‘March in March’ was renamed ‘March Australia’, when we realised this wasn’t going to be a one off bit of activism.

I was a bit an armchair activist, getting tired of clicking on petitions.

Though they do have their value I felt that actually going out into the world to protest bodily would have more of an impact.

It’s amazing what a terrible government can do for ones motivation and so I have come to the conclusion that our Mr Abbott and his Coalition (or ‘Coal-ition’)  has to be thanked for providing the impetus for many many people in Australia to get politically motivated once more.

It is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed in my lifetime though. Whenever ever they got into power, there are always demonstrations. Once upon a time when the word ‘Union’ wasn’t so uncool (oh how people have been brainwashed), we’d be seeing people go on strike and protesting in the streets.

Not anymore, we only protest now, strikes are rare.

A bona fide means of workplace bargaining destroyed by greedy profit mongers, who will never be happy no matter how much they roll in mountains of cash like a bunch of demented Scrooge McDucks.

That was the whole reasoning behind the brainwashing as I see it and it saddens me to say it’s worked. People don’t know their arse from their elbows anymore, there’s SO much misinformation around.

Now they are attempting to legislate against protesting, it’s begun already in Victoria. It’s only a matter of time for the rest of the country if that succeeds.

One by one they – the governments, that we elect – are taking our hard won rights away from us.

They do this without any sense of remorse or empathy, in the interests of big business and not us – the people who vote them in.

None of it makes sense.

Our world is not making sense.

The storyteller or viewer in me gets suspicious.

If this was a movie plot or a storyline, the reason would be that something terribly wrong was going on behind the scenes.

I am beginning to fall into despair that things are going to get worse.

I despair at this Patriarchal, Imperialist, Capitalist world we find ourselves entrenched in and need release from.

The Feminine principle has been deliberately crushed to make all of this possible and I do realise that males are also suffering.

Sometimes things have to get bad before they get better, I hold onto this.

Check out the photos taken by a professional photographer by the name of Drew Hopper on the day by following the link below;


*update more photos from our local newspaper;


Thanks for reading my blog.


4 Responses to “March Australia Coffs Harbour”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    I just heard Abbott on the news talking about fighting radicalization of Australians by Islamic extremists. He sounded like a clone of Blair/Bush. It’s sad to hear that Australia is even considering supporting the U.S. in Iraq, or anywhere else for that matter. Everything that the U.S. touches turns to rust.

    I’m glad to hear you’re still involved with the Marches. We are all fortunate to have you on our side in the struggle. Stay safe out there, PV.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Yes you are exactly right, he is a Bush clone. Many have compared the two. Dumb as all hell puppets, easily manipulated by their masters and very dangerous in their own way. We all seem to be captives of the state now. They lord it over us and so far are not being held to account for their corruption, nepotism and blatant lies. Whoever the string pullers are – are shepherding us down the same path the U.S. has gone and it’s really not something most of us see as a good thing to emulate. It only serves to deepen my suspicions.
      I’m still involved for now but am really trying to think laterally in how to go about things in future.
      Seeing what happened in Ferguson and comparing the media talk here about all the army vehicles and equipment and how hard they are coming down on ordinary people – (grandmothers even for daring to put up a sticker) makes me think they are priming us for violence at the G20 summit. Merely protesting will get you labelled as a terrorist it almost seems. It’s been a bit of a rude shock for many of us laid back Australians as we have had it so good for so long here. It’s developing very rapidly and is quite worrying.
      How’s your teaching job coming along? I’m so glad to see you still popping in to blog and comment xx
      I said after the last march I was going to take a break from the internet for a while but here I am still plugging along too. 🙂

      • Jeff Nguyen Says:

        It’s smart to think about the big picture. Your words remind me of Albert Camus…”The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Marches are great for raising public awareness but are not the only way to express one’s resistance to the current oppressive systems. It sounds like people in Australia are ahead of the curve in their understanding of global events.

        The militarization of local law enforcement is the next phase in the globalization process. The corporate-capitalists know all too well that the public at large will not accept austerity, privatization and reduced social spending without protest and that repression will eventually be needed. The political discourse you mention in Australia does seem to mirror that of the U.S. since 9/11 when anyone who expressed dissent risked being viewed as a terrorist or threat to “freedom and democracy”.

        I highly recommend Naomi Klein’s book if you haven’t read it yet: Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Best to you and yours, PV. 🙂

  2. In 33+ years of organizing, I, too, have discovered that women end up doing most of the work. Congratulations on a successful protest.

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