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Young women against Feminism seem confused August 7, 2014

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Kitty explains Feminism

The recent social campaign “Women against Feminism” has left a few of us scratching our heads in dismay and wonder.

I guess some people are easily lead by the (still) white male dominated media, who present Feminism in a less than flattering light or perhaps they just don’t teach this stuff at school anymore? We’ve come a bit of a way in our self indulged privilege to have forgotten a few important facts.

Women haven’t always had the right to access education, work, apply for loans or to even have a bank account in their own name.

So much more I could say here but I will leave it to Kitty for today.


4 Responses to “Young women against Feminism seem confused”

  1. tubularsock Says:

    Well, people are easily lead off course by the crap-media. Whatever is in or what ever is shown that’s in is the direction people tend to go. Many of the sheep will even give up their freedom for some twisted-reasons. Feminism as projected by the dominate culture is “scary”. And it is not conveyed by only men. Especially when you look at the primitive mind set of evangelist women. That Bible bull shit is heavy in women as cattle!

    And young people are not always “enlightened” so progress doesn’t always advance.

    • auntyuta Says:

      I admire women with good brains. I always loved to read Germaine Greers stuff. And her discussions on TV are priceless.
      But this doesn’t mean I like everything that has been promoted by Feminism.

      • Poor old Germaine, she started out with some ideas but I think she got bitter and twisted. I cringed when she said what she did about Julia Gillard. Feminist’s are human and come form all walks of life. Some I agree with some I don’t. What IS a feminist these days anyway? People get all mixed up and put their own slant on things, I’ve found. To me Feminism is about rights and choice.

    • Right on Tubular Sock! Some women are women’s worst enemy. There is no cure for dumb and ignorant it seems. Enlightenment ebbs and flows over time alas. I had a revelation earlier this year that religion is responsible for the downfall of womankind and the spread of capitalism. Our governments deliberately seek to dumb down the populace and try to make us good little sheeples. Can’t have folks getting around thinking they’ve got rights n stuff!!

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