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Creative Solutions? July 11, 2014

I was driving the other day listening to a radio interview with a woman who had done a lot of research and written a book about survival.
Various case studies were mentioned involving being shipwrecked and having to fight for survival.
They talked about what happened on the Titanic and illustrated with some stories about who got on the lifeboats and the psychology and after effects of that.
They talked about those ill-fated journeys to the North and South Poles.
They talked about planes crashes and even ‘Lord of the Flies’ got a mention.
They talked about the ramifications of cannibalism and the woman said she’d happily be eaten if it meant the survival of some.
They then summed it up by talking about leadership and lack of leadership.
The ones who had the best chance of survival had leaders who were elected and if there was dispute quickly facilitated another election, just to be sure and quell discontent.
The ones who survived had leaders who gave them something to do, were kept busy. The one instance that I do remember was rebuilding their broken ship and saving themselves by sailing it home.
Now I can’t for the life of me recall the name of the book but if anyone knows it please let me know, because I want to read it!
I’m not sure if they’ve purposely written it as an analogy of societies and governments but that’s the conclusions I’m coming to about it.
A good strong leader gives the people something to do – hope and faith that all will be well and it is.
Conversely a bad leader creates disharmony, doubt, fear, anger and everyone dies.
I will leave it up to you as to who I think is being the bad leader right now.
I see depressed scared worried people all around me and it’s difficult to be NOT affected by it.
I also see wonderful, creative, hard-working, caring people all around me and they do give me hope.
It also occurred to me the other day that we are the authors of our own stories and it’s up to us to create our good reality.
The horrible thing about what’s going on now is we ‘seem’ to be disempowered and living in anger, disbelief and fear. My conclusion about that is, that it’s largely a deliberate tactic to control us.
Look at say Boxing, Cricket or Football, they say nasty things to their opponents to unsettle them and gain the upper hand. Can you see where I’m going here?
What would happen if we chose to disengage from that game of control, if we refuse to be angry or fearful?
It might free up our minds for some really creative solutions.


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