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Wingers ~ Words Dividing Us July 5, 2014

It has become apparent to me that we are being goaded into anger and fear.
Fearful angry minds do not think clearly.
Be not afraid, nor angry – love is the antidote.
Like any game player who sledges his opponent to get the upper hand in a game, our current puppet er um Prime Minister and his minions are all doing the best to incite fear and anger to confuse and distract and rule over us.
Austerity and terrorism are manipulation.

This re-blog talks about left and right wing governments as being constructs to divide and rule.

It is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, trying to think of an alternate way of governing.

When government ceases to be accountable to the people and in fact is blatantly and determinedly detrimental to the planet, what are we to do?

Is the system broke or is this lot really fraudulent and illegal?

Are we in the best or the worst of times?

The job seems too big, a monumental task and I keep coming back to human nature and history.

Haven’t we outgrown this system, this way of living?

It suits some, they are welcome to it.

So now the answer seems to be to not buy into it.

To (re?) construct an alternate matrix – a positive love based world within our own hearts and minds?

Maybe I’m tripping but it seems like the only escape.

Bit of a challenge really, is it possible for greedy power crazed humans to step out of their greed and need for power?

I’d say not.

But those of us who have the will, the desire can begin to step outside of that anger fear ridden state of mind.

We can’t escape this crazy reality and hop aboard a spaceship or ark for a new world, so we might as well within this one try to create a better one at least within.

Maybe I have gone mad?

Beam me up Scotty I’m tired.

The world IS a beautiful place, just go walk in a forest, on a beach or simply sit on a swing in a park and feed pigeons or talk to small children (your own preferably).

What would happen if everyone was happy and not living in fear?

If everyone just went back to living a simple non materialistic life?

It looks as though it’s being imposed on us anyhow, so let’s go with the flow and stop buying their ‘stuff’.

Mend and make do, recycle – live within our means and not be swayed by unrealistic desires.

Stop swallowing their poison.

Opt out of the programming.

Stop voting in a system that’s really not FOR us but for controlling us.

If we can free our minds, what’s possible?

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

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It’s time to clean up attitudes and language regarding this division.  I no longer favor the terms left wing and right wing.  I’m dropping them.  both partiesThey mean differing things to people.  I speak in generalities here, so don’t go off argumentative about that.  It’s only my general perspective.  Feel free to comment.

Left wing, to some, means standing for and helping the people, while to others it means big government control in the guise of helping people.  Right wing can mean anything from fascism to freedom and small government.  People who emphasize freedom tend to think of themselves as right wing; those who emphasize helping others tend to think of themselves as left wing.  They both sound good to a lot of good people who want the best for all people.

The freedom fighting right wingers see small government as the best means of helping people –…

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