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The Anti-Fracking Movement Goes International May 29, 2014

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Fracking should be rendered illegal. No sensible ethical nation needs gas this bad. It is clearly highlighting the extreme disconnect with voters and corruption of government, that this is being perpetuated on land and folk.

The Most Revolutionary Act

The anti-fracking movement has gone international, drawing in hundreds of thousands of people who never dreamed of being environmentalists or activists.

Below is a heart-rending video by the Lock the Gate coalition in Australia.

The similarities between the industrialization of prime Australian farmlands and the experience of dairy and organic farmers here in Taranaki are uncanny: the 24/7 glaring lights, noise and fumes and the unexplained health problems, particularly in children.

Most of all the helplessness experienced by families affected by fracking. Once the government allows the oil and gas industry to set up fracking rigs, it becomes the law, and ordinary people have no rights. Livelihoods are destroyed, property values plummet and your land becomes uninsurable.

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