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Bill Shorten’s reply to the budget May 15, 2014

Bill Shorten’s reply to the budget today was outstanding.
I loved how his voice got stronger every time there was applause from the gallery.
I loved watching those shit eating smirks fall off the faces of Abbott and Hockey.
I loved the standing ovation at the end.
We have hope.

Another reason to have hope is the suspension of Metgasco’s licence to drill and the success of all our activism for the #BentleyBlockade. It’s now being referred to ICAC as Metgasco project referred to ICAC as links to Obeid family emerge

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/metgasco-project-referred-to-icac-as-links-to-obeid-family-emerge-20140515-zrdfz.html#ixzz31nFK4dpE


14 Responses to “Bill Shorten’s reply to the budget”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    Sound like you’ve been busy, PV. We just had a 10,000 gallon oil spill in Los Angeles. It’s good to know Australians are waking up to the shock (and awe) doctrine. Peace and solidarity to you.

    • Yes this has been one of the busiest years ever! It’s heartening to see others on the same wavelength. This is what real world activism is showing me. There are a LOT of people out there who ARE awake. Still some just don’t want to know or are still believing the dying ineffectual and increasingly irrelevant mainstream media….but you know what? Even the ones who previously were negative to the cause are now conceding all is not well in the halls of parliament. Strangely there are still some who think the sun shines out of our Prime Ministers bum (I find these people the hardest to understand).

      I had not heard about the oil spill in L.A, Jeff.

      Peace and solidarity to you also my friend.

  2. Reblogged this on Oosterman Treats Blog and commented:
    Here an excellent re-blog from the Political Vagina.
    The ‘Inhumanity of this government’ sums it up perfectly but oh so sadly.

  3. auntyuta Says:

    Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:
    Thank you for this post. We watch the Budget Reply speech last night on TV. I think Shorten spoke with honest passion.

  4. M-R Says:

    That rictus on Mr Rabbit’s face became more and more like a death-mask, I thought. 🙂 How happy it made me. I was DELIGHTED that Shorten didn’t attempt to come up with any ALP figures: how idiotic would that have been ? You don’t give away your election platform when the fucking (_¤_)s are still there for the next 2½ years !

  5. We’re having our own budget drama in NZ – the National government is drastically cutting health care and eduction. They want to return us to “surplus” in time for the election. Talk about austerity cuts.

    • Tories = corporate psychopathy. They’re touting over here as having already reached a surplus in NZ (lying politicians there too I see). I’m beginning to believe this is no such thing as austerity, it’s just a political ploy to excuse their thievery from the common folk.

  6. tubularsock Says:

    Sounds like good news to Tubularsock. Sometimes some people wake up ……. it’s a slow process but it does happen.

    • To be fair on the masses, it’s been a huge lie and cover up perpetuated by the haves over the have nots for aeons. You can forgive the sleeping for their ignorance a little bit but it is imperative for us to not be too complacent and wilfully ignorant. Keep spreading that wake up magic eh?

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