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Coalition of the willing March 28, 2014

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I weep for these people, surely there is a better way of living in this world? Must we enslave the vulnerable to sell wares too cheaply?
Damn the Patriarchy and damn Capitalism!
I reject thee!
Time has come to weave the new matrix of empathy.


4 Responses to “Coalition of the willing”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    Thank you for sharing, PV. 🙂

    • It’s all relevant isn’t it though Jeff?
      Big greed and power stomping all over vulnerable people for what – so they can have MORE money?
      Just obscene.
      Upon reflection of my comment about weaving empathy – I think the empathy is already present – it just need to be rewoven from the top down. It’s easy to have empathy when you’re at the bottom of the heap. More of a challenge for those who control the purse strings I feel. Still not impossible and that is our job to raise awareness and push for more accountability from those we elect to administer eh?

      • Jeff Nguyen Says:

        Yes, I would agree with you that it’s all relevant. At some point, it’s no longer about money but about the power and control one wields over others that money facilitates. Putting pressure on the corporations and elected officials to do the right thing is important as we the people are no longer their recognized constituents. As you’ve found, this is a global struggle and alliances that transcend borders and ideologies will need to be built.

  2. No longer recognized constituents! Therein lies the core of the issue.

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