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http://www.loveyourdesign.com/neptune-gate-37/ March 14, 2014


Hi all!

Just a quick link postie today!

SO relevant to the vibe of March in March 2014

Check this out!


It describes my feelings about all of this pretty well and WOW – so relevant!

I don’t know where you (dear reader) sit with astrology but I’m willing and open enough to find wisdom from no matter where, as long as it rings true and for me this article does.

I’ve got some real life social democracy activism happening tomorrow at https://www.facebook.com/MarchinMarchCoffsHarbour2014 going on – so, I can’t dilly dally on here too long today!

The really special thing about this is, that the person who owns the http://www.loveyourdesign.com/ website is connected to me in a very karmic soul healing way way and I’ve only just rediscovered her through Facebook of all things 🙂

Group HUG!


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