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My proposed Petition for people to sign on the day of the March in March 2014 Rally in Coffs Harbour March 7, 2014

On behalf of every person present this day 16th March 2014, I say to you Mr Anthony Abbott that we have NO CONFIDENCE in you or your Liberal Coalition Party to govern in the best interests the majority of the people and environment in this great land of Australia, our home.

On behalf of every person present, I hereby call on Mr Anthony Abbott to resign from the office of Prime Minister.

You have proven yourself to be not fit for the job.

Your Party and cohorts have also been proven to have conflicts of interest regarding business, environment and human rights.

We are here today to say we have no faith or confidence in you, your government or indeed this current governmental constitution system.

It’s time for an Australian Magna Carta to protect the rights of the people and the environment.

We call on you to resign and let the job of reforming our constitution begin!

If you choose to ignore the people of Australia, we the people call on the Governor General to instigate this change, dissolve Parliament and call new elections.

That newly elected parliament will then be duty bound by the people of Australia to call a Referendum to reform our Constitution.

We are fully aware that the current style of democracy is a sham and we are here today to say we will not tolerate it any longer.

We hereby protect our rights and limit any future government’s power for further destruction of our environment.

Any future governing system MUST be fully transparent, consultative and respectful of its people from all walks of life.


Sandra Bonney



4 Responses to “My proposed Petition for people to sign on the day of the March in March 2014 Rally in Coffs Harbour”

  1. I love this! I’ll be at the one in Newcastle.

  2. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    I came across these posts on the March in March and thought you’d be interested in checking them out…



    Solidarity to you and all the marchers!

    • Thanks Jeff, I will post my photos and blog on this soon.
      We had a massive turn out in Coffs Harbour an estimated 2,000 + people showed up! Which puts lie to the old theory, only ever a small percent who actually say they are going really turn up on the day. I’m exhausted to be honest but I’m on this train and there’s no getting off now.
      It was a beautiful day full of love, kindness, empathy and huge dismay at how we are being treated by those elected to serve AND the system that supports this barbaric ideology.

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