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Are the political ideologies of today suited to address the problems of tomorrow? February 28, 2014

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Very similar what I have written only better! Except for one point I pretty strongly disagree on and that is about the Unions. I also am born and bred of the left but with an open mind. I however have not acquiesced to the msm propagandized brainwashing regarding the Unions. History is our teacher, most private enterprise is profit/shareholder beholden will not play fair and bestow a ‘Living Wage’ or better out of the goodness of their greedy hearts unless required to. The new and updated Tea Party ‘Liberal’ ideology will have us back in serfdom if they get their way, in no time at all. Perhaps like the quote about better governing, they need to get better at being unions.
” Better people need to be elected to parliament. People with a wide range of experiences. Not just party hacks but people with character, with desire for change, for truth, for equality, for justice and with an honourable understanding of what public service is.”

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Before we can even begin to answer that question we need to have a clear understanding of just what they are. But we have to keep in mind the often subtle (or not so subtle variances) differences and interpretations that universally exist. For example, the term Liberal means an entirely different thing (it means socialism) in the USA. And in the United Kingdom it takes on another meaning. Even Democracy itself has interpretations that take on complex variances from country to country. Socialism takes on many shades of grey often depending on an historical time frame.

In a recent piece I was presented a case for ‘’The Common good’’ being at the centre of every political philosophy. I described what I thought to be the fundamental political ideologies. They are as follows.

What is a conservative?

I would say that Conservatives (LNP) believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets…

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