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Howard Zinn February 25, 2014

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A refreshing alternate positive future hypothesis.

Banks need Boundaries

pic from goodreads.com pic from goodreads.com

The world that I envision is one in which national
boundaries no longer exist, in which you can move from one
country to another with the same ease in which we can move
from Massachusetts to Connecticut, a world without passports
or visas or immigration quotas. True globalization in the
human sense, in which we recognize that the world is one and
that human beings everywhere have the same rights.

In a world like that you could not make war because it is
your family, just as we are not thinking of making war on an
adjoining state or even a far-off state. It would be a world
in which the riches of the planet would be distributed in an
equitable fashion, where everybody has access to clean
water. Yes, that would take some organization to make sure
that the riches of the earth are distributed according…

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