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1779730_10202441300887458_650905555_nI am picking up that a lot of people in the world are deeply disturbed about the lack of integrity in our governing systems.

Our freedoms are being chipped away, like the proverbial boiling frogs we are hardly noticing the rise in temperature of the waters that surround us.


Australia is and has been a very good place to live.  For how much longer is up for debate if things are allowed to continue in the current vein of governing, where our governments feel no empathy or unity with us?

–         Are more concerned about fulfilling wish-lists for their multinational corporate sponsors?

–         Than listening to us – being responsible to us!

Wish-lists that work against the common good;


Scroll down for the actual list, it’s quite lengthy and alarming.

Don’t buy the be like Gough line, what Gough Whitlam put into place back then was a positive thing for the people. What the IPA has in mind is malevolent and malicious for the people.



The TPP is another malevolent and malicious structure that this and the previous government are/were in secret talks about introducing. For some reason these articles don’t mention much about the suppression and control of the internet – our last bastion of finding an alternate and interactive view of the state of things as they are in the world right now. If we lose what we have now internet wise the opportunity to engage as citizens of the world could be thwarted.



People – ordinary people, who just want things to stay as they are – drink beer – watch footy etc, don’t want to have to think or be aware (it’s too hard – take it for granted and blindly trusting kind of people), are the ones who’ll swallow what the mainstream media spout. They’ll eat that stuff up and take it on board as gospel. They want to trust that we are all in good hands.

The mainstream media message is – CONSUME – don’t think!

They bombard us with inanities to distract and anaesthetise us. It’s a game any parent who needs to distract their child is familiar with, ooh look at what Miley or Justin or Paris (or whoever is the manufactured media patsy of the day) is doing!

Don’t look at what needs to be looked at or think about what needs to be thought about.

What ever happened to real news? Look at what’s happening to our only remaining credible news sources such as the ABC or SBS. Their very existence is being threatened and could be very soon dismantled and gobbled up by our multinational corporate overlords.

You think The Matrix is science fiction? It’s an allegory, wake up people before it’s too late.

Think about the word conservative, there is nothing wrong in conserving is there? Why, is our current government called a ‘conservative government’? Just what is it are they conserving and for whom? Even the word ‘liberal’ is quite at odds with the actual reality of what the ‘Liberal Party’ has come to represent, unless it’s a liberal sprinkling of cash in theirs or their cronies err ahem colleagues or associates own pockets.

Ok now think about the word ‘labour’ and what springs to mind?

Workers toiling to make an honest dollar to feed, house and clothe their families, mothers labouring to bring a child into the world?

These are things and concepts that are attractive to everyday folk like you and I aren’t they?

Think about the word ‘community’, there’s unity in there isn’t there? It is a bit close to that – big scary reds under the beds word ‘communism’ isn’t it?

Ok what about ‘green’? What does that do for you?

Is it all warm and fuzzy, nature loving vibes?

There is nothing wrong in conserving our lifestyle and our environment, do you feel this is being achieved right here and now?

We are more than non-thinking consumers.

We believe that science is about truth.

We believe in a fair go, integrity and unity in community.

No single person should suffer at the expense of those who have plenty, equal rights and privilege for all.

There is plenty to go around, our world is abundant!

Governments and corporations peddle fear, lack and austerity.

Currently they manipulate us like sheep to fleece us and line their pockets.

There would be no ‘economy’ without ‘consumer’.

Think about that for a moment.

‘Politician’ has become synonymous with ‘corrupt’ and ‘snouts in the trough’, instead of elected representative of the people – you and I.

Are you confident your tax dollars are being spent correctly?

Do you feel that your government represents you? Listens to you?

Do you feel your vote is worthwhile?

Do you suspect elections are now being corrupted?

Are you concerned about where we are headed?

Have you noticed a decline in the quality of life, lack of job security?

Prices of necessities, food, petrol, rent, lack of housing security?

Do you witness a lack of empathy for our vulnerable – people, fellow creatures and environment?

Are our first nation peoples paid the respect they are due?

Are all women valued, safe and respected?

Are you confident about the levels of care and education our children receive?

Are you satisfied with what we have in place to care for our ill, aged and disabled?

Is our society respectful and inclusive with our gay or transgender folk?

Are we appreciative of the richness of culture people from other lands bring to our shores?

Strong communities are caring communities – we care.

If people are secure, they can thrive and prosper. If the majority are safe, thriving and prospering – so is the community, state, country, planet and universe.

Governments should not engage in divisive behaviour, propaganda, hysteria or spying.

Governments need to be consistent, open and honest.

Worthy of the trust we place in their hands – (at all times)  and aware of the consequences to the environment and population.

Multinational corporations need to be brought under control and not be controlling us via our elected governments.

Tory ideology springs from imperialism, you know – the breed of thinking that says it’s ok to invade a land and enslave the inhabitants for profit of the landed gentry, emperor, monarch or despot?

Which if left unchecked, always seems degenerate into fascism.


This in turn tends to support the very wealthy, greedy, small percentage of population at the expense of the majority – you, I and the rest of planet’s creatures and environment.

The sense of entitlement of the wealthy needs to be squashed or shall we say re-adjusted? Business needs to be ethical and profits moderate.

History well illustrates what happens when these things get out of hand, for example the French Revolution.

A lack of consultation and opportunity leads to discontent and discontent leads to anarchy – pure and simple. Is this what we want?

Ask yourself, what kind of world can you picture and want to live in?

We need to nip this fascist bent in the bud right now.

We need to take an interest or suffer the consequences of apathy.

Or learn to live in fear, chaos and want – those are the options.

Look to the war torn countries as the extreme example of where we are possibly headed, as those people struggle with their out of control and unchecked government systems.

We all deserve to live in peace and prosperity and not struggling against those with capitalist agendas.

We need to be firm and present a united peaceful calm alternative.

March in March 2014!




Sandra Bonney



  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    Yes, we do all deserve to live in peace. A world without wars and consumer/corporate capitalism is possible and we must work together to build bridges and alliances that transcend man-made borders. We need more active political participants like yourself, PV. You’d have my vote!

  2. I’m not after a vote but thanks Jeff, I’m just trying to organise my thoughts on this because people ask me why I do this and what it’s all about.
    Yes we do all deserve peace and if we can envision it – it must be possible.
    Why do so many people blindly accept rubbish and say that it’s too big a job?
    How the heck did they build those pyramids?
    It’s up to us to spread the word as best we can and at least try to find or offer an alternative point of view.
    I read a quote from Pete seeger a while ago and it said something like, “we all need to participate”!
    Feeling pretty driven right now.
    Thanks for your support 🙂
    How life in your neck of the woods these days?

  3. […] CONSCIOUSNESS IS RISING – BRING ON THE ADMIN BODS! at thepoliticalvagina […]

  4. floridaborne Says:

    Absolutely! It matters not which boot you’re under, you’re still trampled into the ground by it.

    • The system is broken we need to clear the decks and begin again. Consciousness IS rising, a lot are finally awakening to the fact that the entity behind the proverbial curtain is the puppetmaster of the right and the left. The evidence is the lack of empathy for the general populace.

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