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Mic check: alitamlit January 26, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — Poli-V @ 9:53 pm

Young and old…. we’re feeling jaded
Some of us have already waded
Into the churning boiling rapids
Of angst and dissent
Our hearts and minds bent
Worn, torn and dissatisfied
and sick of governmental lies
Corrupt politicians we despise
Brainwashing media tycoons past their use by date
Foment xenophobia and hate
Our planet is crying
Our bees are dying
ENOUGH no more
It’s time to harken to the core
Get up, stand up
MARCH out that door!


4 Responses to “Mic check: alitamlit”

  1. Excellent commentary. A reflection on our crumbling society. But… a change is coming.

  2. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    Get up, stand up…that is what it’s going to take to be the change we want to see. Keep us updated on the March in March, PV. 😊

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