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Daddy Doin’ Work – from the Good Men Project January 8, 2014

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Daddy Doin’ Work – from the Good Men Project

Here’s what I’m talking about!

Good bloke example.

Check this article out, I found it in the news.

Strange how a man helping out in the home makes the news but hey it’s a good news story.

Maybe they only put it up because he got hate mail from not so good dads?

It made me curious about the Good Men Project – http://goodmenproject.com/families/i-have-a-dream-that-people-will-view-a-picture-life-this-and-not-think-its-a-big-deal-gmp/


3 Responses to “Daddy Doin’ Work – from the Good Men Project”

  1. tubularsock Says:

    Sometimes EVEN men have to do what they have to do! Raising children is a full time job and it works a lot better if both parents work together. I have never figured out why that has always been so profound to so many male friends of mine.

    • Oh a lot of men DO help out but still not as many as this should not be news.
      We have come a long way in so many ways.
      I remember in my life time how my brother had to argue to be allowed to be present at his son’s birth (forty odd years ago now).
      It just amazes me how things ebb and flow.
      There will always be cop outs I guess.
      If mum and dad have a good relationship this kind of behaviour goes with the territory.
      It’s just nice to see good role modelling.

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