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Political Lies and Who Tells Them. December 7, 2013

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A great blog piece on political pork pies by John Lord.
Interesting side piece and note Ms Credlin is an avid follower of U.S. style politics, this is quite telling. I don’t know whether to be really impressed and awed by this woman’s cunning intelligence and power usage or downright scared.
Her hold and power over these men in Liberal suits is astonishing.
Im very curious about her and her possible affiliations.

The Australian Independent Media Network


The issue of truth featured largely in the recent election. We the voters were often left to decide who was and who wasn’t telling the truth. Or who was telling more or less of it. So what is a lie? This election was different in so much as we saw the emergence of various “Truth Finder” sites and both sides of the political spectrum were found out telling full-on porkies, or at least using different shades of hue.

This week lying has again been highlighted with the Government’s decision to axe the Gonski Education reforms. The troubling aspect of this decision is that during the campaign Tony Abbot gave a number of commitments. For example:

“This will be a no surprises, no excuses government, because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses from people that you have trusted with your future”.

He also promised a ”unity ticket”…

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5 Responses to “Political Lies and Who Tells Them.”

  1. tubularsock Says:

    If we/they didn’t lie then we/they would tell the truth and the truth would set us free ……….. just how could THAT be tolerated?

  2. Greetings Tubular Sock!
    Can we/they handle freedom or truth?
    I know I’d like to give it a go, just to suck it and see.
    It’s all a matter of degree or ratio.
    We are humans, nasty lying turds at times and gorgeously good and fair at others.
    There really isn’t much hope is there?
    I suspect we are de-evovling but in some ways we’ve never had it so good.
    I’d just prefer the ratio to be more slanted to the good/positive/truth/freedom side.
    Every action has a reaction.
    Live and learn?
    Hmmmm *sigh*

    • tubularsock Says:

      TPV, Tubularsock believes that you are correct in that it is all a matter of degree and we are ALL “. . . nasty lying turds at times . . .”. That being said I have also noticed that “reality” is ALWAYS “my reality” no matter what the supposed “truth” happens to be or not be. And we/they each project our own reality being constantly influenced by the group/society/culture/religion we are immersed in.

      Now Tubularsock realizes that you already knows all this. It is obvious from reading your work and your expressed concerns. And I am with you in wanting it “. . . to be more slanted to the good/positive/truth/freedom side”. And the only chance of that happening is that you and Tubularsock and a couple of others keep working on bringing “the good/positive/truth/freedom side” out over and over again. Just like we were selling soap.

      Because an adjacent truth of our fellow humans is that they’ll buy any bull shit wrapped in the pretty bow of promise. Hmmm. I think Tubularsock is back at the beginning!

      Like your blog and your attitude.

      • Hey isn’t that like the string theory where stuff depends on the viewer?
        Reality is a funny thing isn’t it?
        If people can’t agree on reality, how can they agree on truth?
        I shake my head at the current (and this seems to be a worldwide phenomenon) political version of reality, which probably never was reality but manipulation of fact or information but they are so damn determined in their ‘beliefs’ it must be their reality???
        I used to say to an old ex boyfriend, ” just coz you say it’s so, doesn’t necessarily make it so”.
        Agenda is what it comes down to.

        Yes, lets keep shining the light Tubular Sock.
        I’m getting weary though.
        The forces of darkness seem strong and I’m afraid no one really gives a rats arse.

        Thanks for your support and good humour.

      • tubularsock Says:

        First. Thanks for your comment on my last blog ……..

        Second, you know what is wrong with ex-boyfriends …….. they always think they’re correct. Yes, often they are wrong but who counts?

        Reality, for Tubularsock is ALWAYS funny even when it’s sad. And the reason is the string theory. String alone with Tubularsock and you will really have issues.

        Weary??? Come on TPV, rats care about their aries! But it takes us to wake them up that they also have a brain.

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