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UK: No more Page 3 thanks to Essex student union. “We need to value father’s family role,” Jon Cruddas. AU’s Female frontbenchers. November 12, 2013

This is serendipitous!

Yesterday I just began an essay about women being pressured into the work-force as a capitalist plot. Today I have a new follower who’s touching on those very same issues;

“Labour’s new childcare policies are nothing but ridiculous fairy tales Telegraph.co.uk Lucy Powell MP has been appointed shadow minister for childcare and children. The fact that it is called ‘childcare and children’ and not families and children is no accident. Labour believes children should spend more time in external, institutionalised childcare than with their families as encouraging more women into work will be “a big boost for their family budgets and a major gain for the exchequer.” No mention of children then, they are obstacles to work.

Labour announced two childcare policies at its conference. The first is increasing the universal provision of 15 hours early years learning to 25 hours childcare – the extra 10 hours are for working, namely dual-earning, families only. Ms Powell repeatedly refers to ‘working families’ as dual-earning families. Single-earning families simply do not feature on the radar, probably because we are ‘last century’. We do not seem to be regarded as ‘working families’ at any rate.”

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

No more Page 3 thanks to University of Essex student union Essex Enquirer Students at the University of Essex are no longer be able to buy a copy of The Sun or The Star following a decision made by the Union Council after students said they felt uncomfortable with the representation of women in the papers.

The Students’ Union said: “The Students’ Union does not believe that the largest representation of women in any newspaper should be an image of her naked body. We will not continue to sell these newspapers until they rethink how they see women.”

Chantel Le Carpentier Vice President for Welfare and Community at the Students’ Union said: “The images of women published in these newspapers not only encourage readers to judge women on their bodies and appearance, but also misrepresent the role of women in society as just objects for men to look at…”

Labour’s new…

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