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Australia’s secret Purge against Asylum seekers October 21, 2013

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Deafening Silence!
I like that Gerard, awesome piece of writing!

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‘Deafening silence’ from Australian government.

The ABC’s political reporter in Canberra, Andrew Green, says the news of the drowning and of a second attempt to return asylum seekers to Indonesia has been met with a ‘deafening silence’ from the Australian government and participating agencies.

The Government is sticking by its policy of not commenting on the operational details of any intercepts at sea under Operation Sovereign Borders.

The next opportunity to question the Immigration Minister and his Commander will be at their scheduled briefing on Monday, frustrating efforts to accurately report on any operations by the Australian Navy off Java, Mr Green says.

“There has been deafening silence from the major agencies as well as the immigration office,” he said.

“All the agencies involved, Customs and immigration have been asked to refer all questions to the Immigration Minister’s office.

“But (Immigration Minister) Scott Morrison is on his way back…

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