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Women are complicit in misogyny October 14, 2013

Women are complicit in misogyny

We must face up to the many ways in which women support the pornification of society, rather than fighting it

As in all things it takes two to tango as the old saying goes.

I just think we all need to examine ourselves and our behaviours if we are to ever improve our lot in life.

Patriarchy and misogyny harms males as well as females.

Extremism is not the answer.

*Apologies* Oh and by the way, I’m noticing a little notice about advertising when I’m posting these days. Not terribly happy as it smacks of capitalist blackmail – pay up or else! Someone’s gotta make a quid I suppose.


One Response to “Women are complicit in misogyny”

  1. diahannreyes Says:

    Agreed! Time for us all to stand against misogyny.

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