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Liverpool’s 23 year boycott of The Sun newspaper October 10, 2013

Liverpool’s 23 year boycott of The Sun newspaper

The city and people of Liverpool have boycotted The Sun for Twenty Three years because of the shameful way it reported the Hillsborough football disaster back in 1989.

I think this is a great idea and perhaps we could use it an example or template to protest the Murdoch influence on our elections and the misogynistic hysteria he invoked (provoked) for our first female Prime Minister.

“People were reading that headline about Hillsborough and believing it. It enabled the disaster to be viewed in the context of drunkenness and ticketless fans when neither were true.”

The same could be said for the lies and misinformation spread about Julia and indeed the Labor Party and their policies and legislation.

By creating an atmosphere of never ending barrage of abuse and hysteria regarding issues such asylum seekers, endless questionable popularity news polls, carbon tax, mining tax and climate change, it’s my opinion that a lot of governing time and taxpayers money was wasted by these diversions. It was a miracle Julia was able to achieve what she did in government and by no means was that small and trifling thing. Her misogyny speech was a standout performance and lauded all around the world. Imagine what she could have achieved had it been a fair and even playing field? With no embarrassing schoolyard bullying tactics perpetuated by Abbott, Bishop et al.

Ask yourself who benefitted? Who’s in government now and gee isn’t it all quiet on the western front right now?


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