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Three West Papuan students occupy Australian Consulate in Bali October 7, 2013

Three West Papuan students occupy Australian Consulate in Bali

I found this article this in ‘The Guardian’ about three West Papuan students who scaled the back wall at the Australian Consulate in Bali to pass on an open letter to the Australian people, to highlight the plight of the people of West Papua.

They fled in fear of their lives when they were told by our consulate staff that the Indonesian police or military would be called.

Read more about this here;


Over 200,000 people have been killed since Indonesia began its invasion and occupation of West Papua in 1969. That’s a heck of a lot of innocent people being murdered and it’s still going on. One of the student’s brother was killed just recently.

Why does the Australian government  – Labor and Liberal alike support Indonesia’s sovereignty?

I smell a capitalist rat. West Papua has huge natural resources, gold being the the prime target. Never mind the shocking rape of the land and pollution that’s going on in the acquisition of it. Colonialism is alive and well in the 21st century.

I understand diplomacy and other issues concerning our borders are a concern but at what price?

If things are getting better as Mr Abbott has asserted recently, show us some proof.

Lift the ban on journalists and let the world see, if there’s nothing to hide.

Here’s the open letter – a plea!

All they want is freedom from persecution.

Can you ignore it?

Because I can’t ;

Dear brothers and sisters,

We’re writing to inform you that we had (sic) entered the Australian Consulate in Bali to seek refuge and to deliver our message to the APEC leaders in Bali including US State Secretary John Kerry and Australian prime minister Tony Abbott.

We want these leaders to persuade the Indonesian government to treat Papuan people better.

Human rights abuses are our routine. Many of our colleagues protested and sought their political aspiration heard. But they ended up [in] prisons.

These political prisoners committed no crime. They are explicitly committed to non-violence. The Indonesian government arrested and jailed them for discussing their political human rights beliefs.

We want the Indonesian government to lift the 50 year restriction it has imposed on West Papua. We want foreigners, including journalists, diplomats, observers and tourists to be able to visit West Papua freely without asking for special permits.

We need your help. We seek refuge and plead for our safety.

October 4, 2013


Markus Jerewon, Yuvensius Goo, Rofinus Yanggam

Further reading on this;

JSCOT also recommended that the Australian Government “increase transparency in defence cooperation agreements to provide assurance that Australian resources do not directly or indirectly support human rights abuses in Indonesia”. This is a valuable recommendation that Australians who are concerned about human rights should follow up on: what is the extent of Australia-Indonesia military cooperation? Whom are we training, for what purposes, and what are the consequences?



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