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Atonement and a wonderful wave of lady rage October 1, 2013

Atonement and a wonderful wave of lady rage

An interview with Anne Summers and Julia Gillard our recently ex-Prime Minister the epitome of grace under fire. I wish I could’ve been there. 

It was a friendly crowd – but not just a feminist’s night out that can be dismissed as a leftie cheer squad.  Many were not there to laud Julia Gillard’s every achievement but to celebrate her survival of a sorry sexist system.  To give her a group hug in recognition that their nation had bad misogynistic manners.  And to thank her for going first.

It felt like a public atonement for a revolting time in recent history.  While we were not the crowd who needed to be forgiven, we still needed to tell her we were sorry for her treatment, or at least see if she was all right. 

 It’s nice to know Julia’s alright and still has her sense of humour. She’s kept her dignity and her ‘protective barrier of self’ is a lesson to all of us.




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