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Please Australia avoid going down this path September 18, 2013

Please Australia avoid going down this path

Just posting the link to this article written by Frank Povah.

In my opinion greed should be outlawed.

Everyone should be paid a fair living wage.

What happened, didn’t we fight this fight already?

All we can do is try to keep the bastards honest.

Come on Australia – do we really want to be like America?

I’m sure the largest percentage of American’s don’t want the system they have right now, let’s not aspire to that.

Make it illegal to have over a million dollars or some such amount.

How many cars can you drive or houses can you live in?

It’s obscene, especially when there are so many good people, doing the right thing and still struggling.

FRANK Povah is an Australian living in the United States. He was shocked to discover the poverty that exists, and is accepted, in the world’s largest economy and the appalling conditions under which so many people work. He was moved to write this article after reading on Working Life about the renewed push by the business lobby to cut the minimum wage here.




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