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Ask the Yemeni Government to end child marriage September 13, 2013

Ask the Yemeni Government to end child marriage

A petition to ask the Yemeni Government to end the practice of child marriage.

By calling on Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to end Forced Child Marriage.

By signing your name, you’re speaking up for the victims like Rawan who have been robbed of their voice.  

Forced Child Marriage in Yemen can be stopped. Do you have a moment to read and sign and perhaps forward this on to four of your friends and family and ensure the Yemen government takes notice?

Together, we can be part of the generation to end modern slavery forever.

An Eight year old girl whose name was “Rawan” has died from internal injuries after being sold by her parents to a man five times her age.

A Forty year old man raping an Eight year old child folks, because that’s what it is.

Marriage in Yemen is a social and cultural contract, not a warm and fuzzy event between consenting adults like it is in Western countries like ours.

This was no romantic honeymoon, no act of love.

I’m trying to get my head around why any parent would sell their children into sexual and domestic slavery. It’s easy to be judgemental and outraged, because it is horrific.

This is what we do when we have no money to feed our families, we sell our children in the hope of them surviving and possibly going on to a better life.

This is what happens in countries with no Social Security net to help the underprivileged.

Us in our comfortable lives, thinking we are doing it hard. Who whinge about paying taxes and have the luxury of a certain amount of human rights. There are people in our society so brainwashed into being petrified of socialism and really have no idea about what it is to live in such grinding poverty.

You can read more here about Human Rights in Yemen;



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