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Clare Daly tears Obama a new one! September 9, 2013

Clare Daly tears Obama a new one!

A video link to Clare Daly’s speech in Ireland’s Parliament to tell it like it is and she lets them all have it. What a woman!

We need more of this.

Is this becoming a trend?

It reminds me of Julia Gillard’s speech about misogyny.



America can claim no moral high ground when it comes to chemical weaponry being used, especially when it comes to innocent citizenry being affected;


Why is no-one attempting dialog to solve these war problems?

Because the warmongers are making a motza, that’s why.


4 Responses to “Clare Daly tears Obama a new one!”

  1. tubularsock Says:

    That may be the best speech I have ever heard! Clare Daly is my heroine!
    Where is her type of women in American politics? We are stuck with the three corporate war-mongering whores: Feinstein, Boxer, and Pelosi.

    • She’s brutally honest and on point eh?

      The one everyone in politics should aspire to be.

      Imagine a world with leaders such as this?

      • tubularsock Says:

        I believe you may be speaking about political utopia here. I’m not sure that I could find a current male American politician that has the “balls” Daly possess. Thanks for leading Tubularsock to this video. It makes me happy that somewhere over the rainbow this is real!

      • You are welcome 🙂
        Just by sharing a simple video of someone having the balls to be honest in politics may be of some inspiration somewhere – somehow.
        It is possible and may it snowball.
        I think Clare has been quite outspoken on other topics – check her out.

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