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Monsanto and Genetically Engineered cotton – wrong on so many levels August 31, 2013

Monsanto and Genetically Engineered cotton – wrong on so many levels

When are we going to realise how wrong this is on so many levels?

Why do we seemingly have no power over this?

You want to know why so many people are unemployed and an underclass is developing where previously there was none (or not so pronounced, I guess it’s always been there but it’s getting so much worse now)?

You think Capitalism is great and everything will be alright and our best interests are at heart? Think again.

You want to get all hot under the collar because you’ve been programmed to believe if it’s not Capitalism, it’s Communism or Socialism and they are baaad right??

A line has got to be drawn in the sand.

We are the ‘consumers’.

I think Globalism is wrong, it’s responsible for all these nasties. Look at our planet she’s suffering, is this what we want – really?

Somehow we’ve got to take back our power.

Surely there’s got to be a tipping point where we go – NO MORE OF THIS, it’s wrong!

I think it’s already happening, more and more people are talking and posting about this issue.

Little by little we can make a difference, unharness ourselves from the yoke and begin to be more conscious of what we buy and where our own personal resources go. Like the ladies in Africa who planted trees and reclaimed desert.

If it all doesn’t come crashing down around our ears, that is and we will have to begin again. 

I know I’ve said things like this before about something disastrous happening before we go back to a more natural mode of existence but does it have to come to that?

Little by little we can be more conscious and buy things from local owned businesses that sell local sourced product. If everyone looks after their own back yard, it’s got to be more sustainable ultimately than putting money into the multinationals pockets.

Much kinder to the people where you live, if it’s not you it’s your neighbour, your Aunty, Uncle, Cousins or friends. You know – the real people “us”, the ones who don’t live in ivory towers.

Do the opposite of what’s been urged by advertising media, they are owned by the perpetuators of all this brainwashing.

It’s taken a while since the industrial revolution to get to where we are now. What can be made can be un-made.

Open your mind.

These are just some quotes from this article I’ve just read from a page I like on Facebook call “Organic Consumers Association”.

“In 1999 researchers at Cornell University found that pollen from Bt corn was poisonous to monarch butterflies. Studies have also shown similar effects on other beneficial insects such as lacewings and ladybugs.”



Sweatshop apparel, clothing and shoes produced in the United States and the global South under sub-standard labor and environmental conditions, is so all-pervasive as to be almost invisible.

The availability of cheap, almost throwaway clothes that change with each fashion season has become deeply embedded in our culture and yet there is a face behind the $150 pair of Nike sneakers or the Kathie Lee blouse.

“Since it’s now considered “too expensive” to pay a living wage and protect the environment, US, European, and Japanese textile and clothing manufacturers, have, for the most part, closed down production and moved to “outsource” their production overseas, preferably in the lowest-wage countries like Viet-Nam or China. Since women and children are the easiest to exploit, they are the preferred workers in these sweatshops.”

Follow the highlighted link above or go here;



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