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Time to clear up some misinformation August 11, 2013

Time to clear up some information

This is from a Facebook page I like and follow as it dear to my heart.

I am no longer a sole parent but I was once.

It was no easy thing and I had help from my dad regarding a roof over our heads.

We had avocado and orange and lemon trees in the back yard and I’d grow pumpkins, tomatoes, rocket and herbs etc. I considered us lucky.

My children are adults now and wonderful people who both work and are in stable relationships.

It was important for me to be there for them and yes I did work casual and studied at TAFE.

It’s not that sole parents don’t want to work, look at the figures. Most mums are already working and studying.

My heart bleeds for anyone on a Parenting Pension with a child or children over 8 being shunted over to Newstart, knowing that rents are on average $250 for a two bedroom unit and over $300 for a house.

Newstart single is only $511.60 per fortnight without rent allowance, which doesn’t leave a whole lot left for food, power, phone, petrol or clothes.

What has been perpetuated on our present and future citizens is a sad indictment of this and previous government and I my dearest hope is  that this ruling will be overturned. I found out recently the Howard government only introduced it to find more revenue to help Mr Bush fund a war in Iraq. Stealing from our own citizens to kill others, isn’t that just peachy?

This is an ill conceived and counter productive policy. I hope you will follow the link and have a read. 

Like the Facebook Parenting Payments-Not Newstart post says “Approximately 68% of all sole parents are already in some form of paid employment, generally part time & casuals during school hours, due primarily to the cost of childcare or the lack of childcare.”

“Now consider this… What the Government, Business & Economists know is that within a capitalist market economy a natural rate of unemployment is required; i.e. if unemployment sinks to low then inflation becomes an issue. Also Business require a certain amount of unemployment to keep wages low, therefore to maintain a healthy economy there ALWAYS has to be a certain level of unemployment! Thus the issues surrounding long term unemployment are much more than simply whether they can be bothered looking for work. You and other’s need to move away the pathological tendency to stereo-type long-term unemployed & those on welfare as dole bludgers. Whether society wants to acknowledge it or not, everyone benefits from unemployment, rather than condemning those that have to slot into the necessary unemployed group required for a healthy economy, they should be supported & given enough to live on rather than be constantly told that the way out of poverty is employment, when everyone knows that there will NEVER be full employment in a capitalist society.

According to Roy Morgan the current conditions of unemployment & under employment, figures is a total 2.395 million Australians (19.7% of the workforce). The ABS figures are misleading, as a person only has to work an hour a week to be considered employed & are not counted in their unemployment figures.”


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