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Stop asking my daughter to kiss you August 10, 2013

Stop asking my daughter to kiss you

The beginnings of our society’s rituals of submission?

I have very vivid and uncomfortable memories of being asked for and being pressured  by Aunties, Cousin’s and perhaps my mother to kiss a man I didn’t  know (my Uncle) as a little girl.

I had always assumed it was my acute sensitivity was what made me uncomfortable about that but now when I think about it in this light it was a natural reaction.

“The ritual of demanding affection from children on cue is one of those tiny, everyday little lessons in which we teach children — especially girls — that they are to tailor their emotional responses to please others”.

Even a small child has a sense of boundaries and that felt like a violation of free will to me.

On the surface seemingly an innocuous request with undertones not understood by any present at the time and possibly not even now.

The dawning of realization’s by myself that things aren’t as they should be, things just didn’t seem fair.


3 Responses to “Stop asking my daughter to kiss you”

  1. Yes, I remember too having to kiss old aunts, uncles and grandparents. I resented the hairy faces and old skin. Of course I wouldn’t dream of asking for kisses. I remember it only too well.

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