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David Bowie Doco July 26, 2013

David Bowie Doco

I seriously LOVE this man.

He is a walking, breathing, singing, dancing, living work of art and not a national but a global treasure.

I dreamt I was having a shower with him when I was only about Thirteen, so yeah it’s a serious life-long crush. My mind still boggles at how a Thirteen year old girl’s mind could invent such an erotic dream but there ya go, he’s just so inspiring.

Now that I think of it, it’s probably his fault that I have been attracted to so many weirdo’s in my life time (and David if you’re reading this I meant that in the nicest possible way).

Intelligence is so damn attractive and he just oozes it, he’s so unique.

*Please note this video expires in 11 days 27/07/2013



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