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Woman raped on business trip in Dubai jailed for having extra marital sex July 22, 2013

Woman raped on business trip in Dubai jailed for having extra marital sex

The Arab Emirates really need to get with the plan regarding women’s rights and human rights for that matter.

Clearly a nation not interested in good Public Relations huh?

Seriously, who calls the cops after a case of bad sex? 

Come on guys, they’d be run off their feet if this was the case.

Why does fabulous oil wealth preclude a country from basic human rights?

Is justice to be bought and sold or turned a blind eye and why?

Rampant patriarchy should be outlawed the world over.

Yes I know I’m dreaming aren’t I?

Women get into trouble just for driving there.

A simple thing we all take for granted.

The world’s economy took off on the backs of the industrial revolution, slavery……and women being ‘allowed’ to enter education, the workforce and the privilege of being able to vote.

If you think about it women and people of colour have been in much the same boat over the Aeon’s but I digress.

The woman was on a business trip for god’s sake, isn’t anyone capable of logical thought? 

Is being big ‘He Men’ in power more important than prosperity for all and a fair go?

Apparently so but to a large chunk of the human population this kind of behaviour is unintelligent and abhorrent.

As long as ol’ mate Sheiky baby gets to swish around in his robes raking in oil wealth like there’s no tomorrow.

Hasn’t this fabulous wealth accorded a top class education?

Is this kind of misogyny ingrained no matter how much education?

One does read of slavery still existing in UAE, perhaps this is why they can afford to not have women’s or human rights? 




3 Responses to “Woman raped on business trip in Dubai jailed for having extra marital sex”

  1. Yes, it is a world of upside-downside. I won’t be going for a holiday to Dubai in a hurry. Thanks PV for drawing the attention to such injustice.

    • On my high horse once again Gerard and thanks so much for your support.
      Yes to me it just seems so illogical and bad for business, if I can’t appeal to their humanity and sense of fair justice perhaps they might understand it from a business angle. I mean they love money and they are trying promote Dubai as a tourist/holiday destination right??

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