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Housing Crisis July 14, 2013

Housing Crisis


Housing stress is in my opinion one of the biggest problems facing ordinary Australians now. 
It doesn’t matter whether you are working or not and if you are unlucky (or lucky) enough to be on a Pension or Newstart it’s almost getting out of reach, as is reflected in the homelessness figures quoted in this article. It’s getting out of control. Most people can only rent and the price of rental properties takes up most of any income coming into a household. The days of a roof over your head being a third of your income are way gone and past.
Not many people have secure enough employment to be able to even consider a mortgage.
Any government wanting to be coming into power would do well to formulate a plan to encourage affordable housing. 
A lot of well off people are not living in reality and cannot seem to fathom this phenomenon. Our two speed economy only benefits the few at the top of the rung who’s policy seems to be “I’m alright Jack” (and keep your hands of of my stack). The rank and file know only too well the harsh realities and live pretty much a hand to mouth existence.

It’s almost embarrassing that this is happening in our so called “Lucky Country”.

Surely politicians are or have been educated enough and understand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow’s_hierarchy_of_needs

If society is healthy surely the economy will be?

The people need jobs and homes!

That is the challenge to “Government” – satisfy this and your need for power will be satisfied because people will vote for you.


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