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Why is it wrong to be naked? July 4, 2013

Why is it wrong to be naked?

As a child my mother told me she could not keep clothes on me.

When I was a teenager we thought nothing of whipping off the bikini top down at the beach.

When I was a young mother and did the same thing I was castigated by my daughter – put it back on she said!

In my fifties I walk and swim naked on the beach when no-one is around.

It’s delicious to feel the bubbles in the surf and the sun on my skin.

People are way too hung up and out of touch with the simple things in life.

Why is it wrong to be naked?




6 Responses to “Why is it wrong to be naked?”

  1. I don’t mind naked by myself but am less sure in front of others. Nude swimming is lovely, especially if the water is around 27c.

  2. tiffany267 Says:

    I can’t stand being undressed, but I’d support your right to wear whatever clothes or lack thereof lol.

    • LOL it’s not about me eh.
      It was kind of a rhetorical question about our culture and it’s hang ups about naked women, breasts etc.
      Why is it alright for a man to go around bare chested on a hot day and not a woman?
      Did you read the article/link?

      • tiffany267 Says:

        Actually I didn’t realize you had a link till you brought it to my attention (thanks). Your post still seems like a personal story? Anyway I’m in agreement with you, and I hope I didn’t offend you (as I seem to have done). My only point was that I personally don’t see the appeal of being half-naked in public nor seeing half-naked people of any gender in public though I support anyone’s right to wear whatever they like.

      • Nooo not offended at all, I needed some feedback because I’ve suspected the link wasn’t all that obvious (especially for newbies) for some time now. Your comment only highlighted that you hadn’t read the link. Which for me was a confirmation that the pink link isn’t an obvious one. Time to change my theme again methinks! Thanks for your comment and feedback. What I’m attempting to do is stimulate peoples minds and ask at least themselves -“Why is this so”?

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