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acoss asks Australian Government to explain the violation of single parents rights July 1, 2013

acoss ask’s Australian Government to explain the violation of single parents rights


More evidence that the people we elect are not representing us and are merely the puppets of the New World Order or who-ever it is pulling the strings. Why else would a Labour Government be enacting legislation (Welfare to Work) the previous Liberal Government introduced? (Liberals = Tories/Conservative to people outside of Australia).

Back in March of this year the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) called on the Australian Government to detail its response to a United Nations request for it to explain the decision to cut the payments of over 80,000 single parent families.

“The strongly worded letter from the UN Special Rapporteur raised serious concerns that the cuts may be a violation of several rights included under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The ball is now in the Australian Government’s court to explain otherwise.

    “Unfortunately achieving a Budget saving was the primary consideration ahead of the rights and wellbeing of children in single parent families who are already among the most disadvantaged in this country. Single mothers are also among the most marginalised and vulnerable groups.”


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